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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Yeah, it's been a while but...OAKLAND IS BACK BABY!

I think the entire Raider Nation would agree that our team, in recent weeks, hasn't looked this good since....gulp....2002. We started 4-4 that year and we went to the big game....does that mean anything? Who knows. But what we do know is that we have been owning the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, players are playing for each other, there is continuity building in the form of confidence and positivity, and our team is executing the right plays at the right time (thanks Hue and Marshall for calling the right plays!). We face a Chiefs team that, while playing good football, struggled mightily against the lowly Bills last week and I think this is a very winnable division game at home......as a matter of fact, we will win. With the emergence of Veldheer at LT and Marcel Reece's Pieces at FB (or WR,TE,RB...dude is versitile), and the outstanding and dominant play by the entire D-Line, the Oakland Raiders have quite possibly reached the corner of Beast Ave. and Playoff Rd.

No doubt we still have questions and areas of improvement that need to be addressed. Can we get the WR's more involved? Do we mess with the QB situation when Grad is healthy? Campbell is still labeled as our backup. Most importantly.....injuries. I think the entire fan base took a collective gasp and we all slapped our hands to our cheeks when Nnamdi went down, it was heard across the whole Raider Nation. How long will he be out? I hope we hear more this week, and we all hope to hear that he'll be back after the bye. But you all know Al, hush hush about the injuries boys! Hush hush! As Jason Campbell said postgame last week, "How healthy can we stay? Injuries will decimate any team." Good question and accurate statement, lets hope our guys will keep up the great play and stay in uniform on Sundays.

Does anybody notice that the media is starting to form a line to the bandwagon? I love it!! Recognize!!!