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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Well, it's been quite some time.... New developments? Kickoff point is moved up to the 35 yard line, no possibilites of a blue football field in the NFL, all scoring plays are to be reviewed. Interesting, its all for nothing as of right now....NO FOOTBALL! But there will be, too much to lose for too many people basically.

As far as the state of the Raiders -

Signing Seymour for 2 and Routt for 3 along with tagging Wimbley is sure to keep our defense somewhat intact. I say Nnamdi walks along with Huff and Oakland gambles with youth in the secondary. Walter McFadden, Jeremy Ware, and Stevie Brown all are talented yet raw, let Rod Woodson get a hold of them for OTA's and camp and we'll see progress. I like the fact that Al gave Miller and Bush high tenders in hopes that they will be restricted under a new CBA but even if they aren't I don't expect to see either in another uniform next year. Bye bye Robert Gallery, you weren't a bust by any means but you were never the left tackle of the future as all had thought and prospected. I see the Raiders looking to the draft for O-line help, linebackers, and possibly WR, we might see a Sims-Walker or some other vet WR to compliment the youthful WR core we have. Speaking of that, Heyward-Bey had better have a breakthrough season or he'll be the next bust in our midst. If Ford continues to make his case all over the field, and if Chaz doesn't injure himself pouring a cup of H2O at the cooler and if Murphy keeps making strides and becomes more reliable.......who needs 85 unless its OchoCinco? I like the idea that Hue has faith in Campbell, it should provide added confidence in him and he played well in the second half, if Locker/Mallet/or Kaepernick is there at 48 we need to at the very least take a look and see if the next QB is ready to get in line. As long as we retain Bush and DMC stays healthy we'll continue to see one of the NFL's best tandems that hasn't even peaked yet in my opinion, changing blocking schemes won't hurt them as many people think, we used hybrids of both throughout 2010. Well, here's to hoping we get to see football this year, although I wouldn't mind saving $300+ on Sunday Ticket for a season....