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Thursday, May 20, 2010

OTA's.....Just Practice Baby!

Big thanks to Jerry McDonald, the tweet-maniac who keeps Raider Nation up to speed on every play from the OTA's and training camp. I love it when my Blackberry chirps and it's yet another tweet from Jerry telling us what just happened, even better when it's a tweet about DHB catching a pass. While I'm on the Twitter topic, thanks to the Oakland Raiders players who participate in updating the fans after practices and workouts. The most active are, tyvonbranch, Mr.53 (T.Howard), Ekejiuba50, JayRichardson98, MikeMitchell34, j_holland7, QuentinGroves52, and mariohenderson, some other notables on the Twitter tip but are relatively quiet are nnamdi_asomugha, murph918, dmcfadden20, Chris_Johnson37, big_cel (Marcel Reece), and JasonCampbell17. Damn, I'm hungry for some Raider football, the buzz is in the air that something is turning for the better.......stay tuned Nation.