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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Project Russell -or- Dirty Garcia

OK, the first great debate for the Raiders this year will be the QB situation (and you thought I was gonna talk about DHB eing taken at #7 over Crabby). I don't care that Heyward-Bey was taken too high....so was Charles Rodgers and Troy Wiliamson....so what - only time will tell on this one. Back to the lecture at hand. So what do we do? Try to win now or will Al try to get his moneys worth on a 1st overall pick. I assume the latter, and I'd believe Mr.Davis wants both. Well Al, I'm not entirely positive you can get that, as much as you don't want to hear it......too bad. Does anyone remember what the Delaware Demon (Rich Gannon) did for the team? I can quickly refresh your memory. The offense was run-first, just as it will be now. Gannon was a crafty cool dude in the pocket and once Garner was established - the QB was able to pick apart the defense with short passes, no deep bombs! Here's what I'm getting at, a team needs an smart and efficient QB to run it's offense. With this being said, I can easily see Garcia becoming a one-year Gannon while Russell sits and learns. It's too bad Al won't do that. Even Mr.Davis has to know that in order to win, a team and it's staff has to put the best product on the field to have a chance at being victorious every weekend. I guess time will tell on this one as well.
Update: They both look like garbage, great....http://www.ibabuzz.com/raidersblog/